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Protection Dogs

Here at BlackJack Malinois we strive to keep a full inventory of dogs in all stages of training including young/green dogs, personal/family protection dogs, and  Dual Purpose Police K-9′s.  Due to the increased demand for personal and family protection dogs we are not able to keep this page up to date with our available dogs at this time. We are actively bringing dogs from Europe monthly so our available dog list is constantly evolving.  Below you will find a description as well as the pricing of the different levels of Protection dogs we offer. This will give you a general idea of what levels of dogs are typically available here at BlackJack Malinois. Contact us today to discuss a protection dog tailored to your needs.   Please note all sales are final unless stated otherwise in the buyers agreement.

Levels of Protection Dogs offered here at BlackJack:

Started Pup: A 4-8 month old started pup hand selected from one of our breedings. The pup will go through our imprinting process while being extensively socialized and will be exposed to the foundation of obedience and protection training. Developing a puppy in the correct way is not a fast process. Pups at this level WILL require additional training to be a functional protection dog. Pricing: $5000-8000

Young Dog: This is an older pup described above that has been left with our trainers for a bit longer. As the dog matures we are able to expect more from the dog. One of our young dogs will be 10-15 months of age and will have more advanced obedience, bite work, and all around training. This is a dog that is used to traveling with the handler, going in public places and is living in a simulated home environment(our trainers alternate taking our upper level dogs home so that they all know how to behave and live in the home). A dog at this level knows all of the protection exercises. All a dog at this level of training needs is continued situational training so that the dog is comfortable working in a real deployment. This is a protection dog with a “bachelor’s degree”, he knows a bit but still lacks real world experience. This is a dog that would need some training upkeep while he/she finished maturing  and bonding with a new family. Pricing $8500-19,500.

Family Protection Dog/Executive Level Protection Dog: A finished protection dog is a “push button”, turn key dog that is ready to work and protect you and your family immediately after bonding. In some instances, this may be a dog that has trained for 2-3 years and is titled in a dog sport (i.e MondioRing, IPO, French Ring, etc.) or police certification (KNPV). Or the dog may have been specifically prepared for personal and family protection without participating in dog sports. Usually, executive level protection dogs are the same dogs we supply to law enforcement agencies. We typically retain the most social, stable and balanced police dogs for this purpose. This will be a dog trained in obedience, tracking, agility, apprehension, handler protection, and possibly detection work. When supplying such a dog to a civilian, typically the detection training is left unfinished. Pricing: $20,000-50,000 (depending on the dog’s age, credentials, and certifications). This price includes a “turn over” where our trainers will work with the handler and family to ensure the dog is working properly. We travel to your home to hand deliver our protection dogs. Once you are able to bond and spend a bit of time getting to know your new family member, we return to do some scenario training specific to your lifestyle or living situation. We work with our client to come up with realistic training scenarios so that 1.) the client is comfortable handling the dog in a realistic situation and 2.) to ensure the dog is operating properly with the new family/handler. We also offer additional refresher training to these clients to ensure that their dog continues to work properly.