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Below you will find photos, pedigrees, and descriptions of our males as well as some males that we have used in our breeding program. We are constantly searching for quality males in Europe that have something to offer to our line. Typically, finding a stud dog that meets our standards is a process that takes years. Hence, we are constantly searching. When searching for a stud dog we are mainly interested in the working attributes, pedigree and health of the dog. Once these criteria are met, we are interested in the type of offspring the dog is producing. The pedigree gives some insight into how the dog may produce but at the end of the day, the offspring themselves are the only way to tell. A stud dog must be a strong producer. Just because the dog himself is nice does not mean he will produce well. We are sure that you know some great people that have had children that matured to be less than impressive. The same is true in working dogs. There are instances where a littermate brother to a famous, proven stud dog may be used for breeding simply because his pedigree is the exact same as the proven dog, only to produce dogs of subpar quality. These instances demonstrate how a pedigree alone is not enough. 

Here at BlackJack we boast the largest selection of papered, titled malinois studs in the US.  And it may be safe to say that we have the most diverse group of stud dogs worldwide. We currently have 5 stud dogs from different pedigrees and backgrounds (4 KNPV dogs and an IPO dog). All of which not only have top pedigrees and clear bills of health but are also proven producers of working dogs. Between our in house breeding program and worldwide stud service, our males collectively have hundreds of offspring that are competing in dog sport and working real jobs. The proof is in the numbers!

We offer fresh chilled and frozen semen from any of our studs for sale, worldwide shipping is available. We have some of the oldest, most sought after lines available. Even in Europe you will have a hard time locating stud dogs with similar pedigrees.