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Police K9

Police Dogs

Here at BlackJack Malinois we strive to keep a full inventory of dogs in all stages of training from younger, green dogs to finished Dual Purpose Police K-9′s. We are actively bringing dogs from Europe monthly so our available dog list is constantly evolving.  Below you will find a description of our police K-9 handlers course as well as the pricing of the different levels of Police K-9’s we offer. If your agency is looking to purchase multiple dogs at once contact us to further discuss pricing please. If you are specifically interested in single purpose detection dogs only, please visit our Detection Dogs page. Contact us today to discuss your next Police K-9 partner. 

Blackjack Malinois Police K-9s Pricing:

Single Purpose Green Dog: $6500

Dual Purpose Green Dog: $9500

Single Purpose Finished Dog: $10,500

Dual Purpose Finished Dog: $12,500

Single Purpose Handlers Course (4 weeks): $4500

Dual Purpose Handlers Course (6 weeks): $6500

Blackjack Malinois Police K9 Handlers Course:

We offer a 6 week handlers course for new K-9 handlers acquiring a new partner. We have 3 instructors with varying backgrounds in the working K-9 industry and a 4th adjunct instructor that is a practicing criminal attorney. Together our instructors have over 45 years combined working dog experience, 15 years DoD/Military K-9 experience, 15 years of Law Enforcement K-9 experience and 10 years criminal law experience. We are happy to offer a new approach to the traditional handler courses offered by other vendors. We have the most diverse group of instructors offering a police k-9 handlers course to our knowledge. Our course ensures that your new K-9 team is an asset to your agency instead of a liability. Not only are we preparing our students to be proficient handlers but upon completion of our course handlers will have essential problem solving skills that will assist your agency for years to come. Upon completion of our course, successful K-9/handler teams will be certified through NAPWDA. We can offer a condensed version of this course for experienced handlers.

Week 1: Orientation, Course Overview, Introduction to Training Methods, K-9 Selection, and building the bond between dog & handler.

Week 2: Introduction to Obedience, Tracking, and Detection training

Week 3: Obedience, Tracking, Detection training Continued; Problem solving.

Week 4: Advanced Obedience, Tracking, Detection training Continued; Introduction to apprehension.

Week 5: Advanced Obedience, Tracking, Detection, Apprehension; Scenario Training; K-9 Law

Week 6: Advanced Scenario Training, K-9 Law, NAPWDA Certification

Police K9