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Buddy (“Jäger”) IGP 1, Executive Protection Dog

Jäger is one of our newest studs here at BlackJack. He was imported for the Netherlands for a local protection dog client.  Jäger works full time as a family guardian and estate dog. He is a very strong, driven dog that also has a great off switch. He has the perfect balance that can be hard to find among serious working quality malinois. He is great with children and livestock. Jäger’s pedigree needs no introduction. He is a direct Halden son. Halden placed 3rd in the Dutch IGP Championship in 2019 and competed in the IGP World Championship in 2019. Over the last few years, Halden has become one of the most popular papered stud dogs in the Netherlands. He consistently produces strong drives and stability. We are pleased at the diversity Jäger will offer our breeding program.

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